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In addition to translating, has also organized language trainings and has accompanied people with a wide range of demands, levels and goals in improving their German, English, Spanish or Arabic language skills as well as in intensifying or perfecting their knowledge on special matters since 2011.

In order to do this successfully, relies on the following qualifications and experience:

You would also like to reactivate or learn German, English, Spanish or Arabic? Does your job require more profound and/or more specialist knowledge? Or would you like to work on your written and/or oral expression in order to become more secure in the foreign language?

Don’t hesitate to contact me by filling in the following form to give a more detailed overview of your requests and language level:

Contact Form:

Which language would you like to improve?
What is your approximate level?
What exactly do you need the language skills for?
Which topics/skills are most relevant to you?

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